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Power Animal Connection

Claudia Burnett

Debbie Emerson's Power Animal Connection report is off the charts. She picked up on a Power Animal that has been attempting in a number of ways to make himself known to me and I allowed him in closer only last week, days before asking for a reading. The information Debbie shares is priceless. This power animal was a new one as we evolve, grow and transform new beings will show up to assist us. Who might be waiting or attempting to connect with you? I wonder what awarenesses a report may activate for you. Thank you Debbie

Annemarie Greene I loved my report you did for me awhile ago! Totally validated some things and I resonated with it for sure!

Becky Kimes

I had a Power Animal Reading from the incredible Debbie Emerson.

And seriously, I was "blown away."

Because of this message from my Power Animal, the NightHawk...

"She, Sky kept showing me pictures of the sky and all of the many brilliantly bright stars. She also showed me a picture of the the way the Egyptian goddess Nut is depicted. I believe she basically
represents the sky. She pointed out how some of the stars were pulsing and said that these stars are civilizations that you are connected to and they are sending/beaming you information. And there was
something about being expansive and encompassing the totality. It was a bit of an amorphous message,not as concrete as I often get.


She told me that you are a ‘key holder’. It feels like it will make sense to
you, hopefully as that was all she was willing to say."

Yeah- I've been playing around with Starseed energy and am creating a Facebook group, a 5 day Visible Starseed Challenge and there will be a 7 week course...Empowered Starseeds.

BUT - I've also received some "information" and downloads around Arcturian Light Key Codes that work directly with human DNA that I've been sitting on....

So - the Message...."You are a 'key holder'....hmmm. Guess its time to get that information out and start sharing it with other Arcturian Light practitioners.

Thank you Debbie for being a conduit of clarity and inspiration for me.

Thank you Sky. (My Nighthawk power animal) I look forward to working with you more.

As for the rest of you...goodness gracious schedule one of these Power Animal Readings with Debbie. They're more than affordable, super fun and can contain just the message you need to expand to your next level of awesomeness.

Power Animal


**Do you know that you have at least one Power Animal that is your special ally and advocate in the spirit world?

**Would you like to know what that animal is?

**Why they working with you?

**How they assisting you in your journey through life?

**What is their specific message for you at this point in your life’s journey?

Debi will journey into the spiritual realms on your behalf to meet with and reenergize your connection with your Power Animal.

You will receive a written report via email that will answer the above questions.

Please provide:
Place of birth

Thank you!

Please allow 7 to 10 days to receive your report.

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Animal Connection Here


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